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Des Boldeau
Des BoldeauPastor
Resident Pastor
Edmonton Seventh -day Adventist Church is a small but long standing Adventist Church in Edmonton London. Edmonton through the grace of God has withstood World Wars and subsequently has produced a number of neighbouring Adventist churches. We are a strong family of believers who love to praise and worship God our Creator. Edmonton has had the privilege of having a number resident pastors who have gone on to become conference leaders within the UK and world changers. One could say that Edmonton builds leaders in the cause of Christ. Our current pastor is world renown for his work with young people and family ministries. Here at Edmonton we have always had a strong belief in supporting our young people and our community. In so doing we provide meaningful programmes to build strong individuals for society and service to God. We encourage our young people to be confident in Christ. We promote social well being and have a strong emphasis on healthy living. We are currently looking to redevelop our site so we can have more space for our community. So if you’re looking for a place to visit and make your home…Edmonton is the place for you, a place for worship. Warm. Colourful. Christ-centred. There’s no place like Edmonton.